Friday, August 26, 2005

Okkervil River

Nope. That isn't Bob Geldof in the photo over there. That's Will Shef of Okkervil River.

Earlier this month, at the Magnolia Electric Co. show at Higher Ground, I ran into a friend who suggested that I listen to Okkervil River. The next day, I found a few mp3 on the band's site. Now, after a few weeks of letting these tunes swish around in my brain, I'm left with the feeling that I'm a friggin' idiot for not having heard them earlier.

The New York Times has compared them to The Decemberists but I think that's rather obtuse. Both bands utilize a multitude of instruments and have a folk-base at it's root but The Decemberists are much more polished. Okkervil River is more roughed up and less poppy than The Decemberists. They sit closer to Lullaby for the Working Class on the chamber folk-pop spectrum.

Plus, they have a boatload of mp3 files available on their site. These are my four favorites but if you are hungering for more, go here.

Okkervil River - Black
Okkervil River - Red
Okkervil River - Westfall
Okkervil River - The War Criminal Rises and Speaks

Video - Okkervil River - It Ends With a Fall

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-jace said...

they opened for Decemberists earlier this year. Good stuff live.