Sunday, July 31, 2005

Frank Trio Coming to Montpelier

I had never heard of these guys before this week but they are clearly intent on taking over the Montpelier music scene.

I first noticed that they were scheduled to play at the new club, Positive Pie, on Aug. 20th. Then I saw that they were also going to play The Black Door (which is around the corner from Positive Pie) two days earlier on Aug. 18th. And finally, I saw that they were playing The Langdon Street Cafe (which is about a block from Positive Pie) one week later on Aug. 25th.

Wow. Someone really sold them on this market. It makes some sense since they are a jam band from Colorado and Vermonsters go nuts for that sound. But three shows in a week are three different clubs in a town of 8,000. Who do they think they are??? Hot Tuna???

Regardless, they have a few streaming files on their website that you can check out.


Anonymous said...

I caught them Thursday @ the Black Door, really frickin good!! They're still a little bit of a young band, but well on their way to being much bigger! plenty of chances to check em in the next week, don't miss

jds said...

Pretty sure one of them is Carlo's(Positive Pie) brother. That's why they really hit up the Montpelier scene.

Also, I really dig your blog. Glad to see I'm not the only father trucking to S.Burlington from Central Vermont to check out MWard and the like.