Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Trendwhore | Los Campesinos!

Los Campesinos - You! Me! Dancing!
Uploaded by trendwhore

About two weeks ago, I was up in Montreal to see Los Campesinos! and Kevin Drew shake the house. You can read my review of the show here.

Well, the folks at Trendwhore were there too and are now sharing some goodies from the show. They have video of six songs from Los Campesinos! set and the accompanying mp3 files to download. The video above is from their performance of "You! Me! Dancing!" which got the whole room shaking and bobbing.

Trendwhore is just a good site to bookmark. They record a bunch of Montreal shows and post the files a week or so later. So, if you miss a good show, you can always check Trendwhore to see what you missed.

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Lindsay said...

Just an FYI... Minnesota Public Radio's podcast "MPR: The Current Song of the Day" has Los Campesino's track "It Started With a Mixx" from their album "Sticking Fingers into Sockets" as the free daily download on 12/18.

Lindsay (Burlington)