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2007 Year End Survey | Mike Donofrio

Before moving back to Vermont a few years ago and becoming the bass player in The New Year, Mike Donofrio released five albums and toured the US repeatedly with his NYC indie rock band Saturnine. This year marked the end of Saturnine with the release of their final album Remembrance of Things Past. The album is a conceptual rock opera based upon the work of Marcel Proust. With a sentence like that as a lead-in, an album can sound quite high minded and unaccessible. However, the album is stuffed with jangly guitars, driving bass lines the vocal interaction of guitarist Matt Galloway and guest Frances Gibson (of The Cannanes).

The entire album is available for free via creative commons license. So, grab it while you can.

In addition to releasing the final Saturnine album, Donofrio also started work with the rest of The New Year at Steve Albini's Electric Audio on their next album for Touch & Go Records. The album is tentatively slated for the second half of 2008. Based upon the stellar The End is Near in 2004, that one is high on my list of "anticipated 2008 albums".

1. What was your favorite song of 2007?

I always find it impossible to pick just one, so i'll list 5, in no particular order. Also, one caveat: I count among my favorite 2007 releases some stuff that was released in 06 but found it's way to my ear in 07. I am far enough behind the times that this is fair. Here you go:

Parts & Labor, The Gold We're Digging

Darc Mind, Visions of a Blur

Shellac, The End of Radio

Bill Callahan, Sycamore

Broken Social Scene Presents...Kevin Drew, Safety Bricks

2. What was your favorite album of 2007?

same caveats from above apply here:

Shellac, Excellent Italian Greyhound

Bottomless Pit, Hammer of the Gods

Broken Social Scene Presents...Kevin Drew, Spirit If

Bill Callahan, Woke on a Whaleheart

Radiohead, In Rainbows

The National, Boxer

In the category of favorite old album I finally got around to listening to in 2007, Talk Talk's Laughing Stock is now stuck in my player.

3. What was your favorite concert of 2007?

I went to precious few, so the pickings are slim. I really enjoyed The Sea & Cake at Higher Ground this fall. Having Gogol Bordello play down the street from my house in little old Montpelier was very exciting. Sonic Youth at Higher Ground in February was great, b/c it was the first date Kelly and I went on since Lena was born (in November), plus the set list contained all of our favorites ranging back to Daydream Nation (except for Suger Cane). I'd have to give SY the nod for 2007.

4. What was your favorite thing about 2007?

No one thing stands out. Thinking locally, life is really good--two beautiful kids, an amazing wife, a nice house in a great town. Thinking bigger picture, though... I'll just stick close to home.

5. What are your best wishes for 2008?

That the big picture gets more pleasing to the eye.

Parts & Labor | The Gold We're Digging | Buy

Darc Mind | Visions of a Blur | Buy

Bill Callahan | Sycamore | Buy

BSS Presents Kevin Drew | Safety Bricks | Buy

Saturnine | Marcel Remembers the Summer He Met Albertine | Get

The New Year | Age of Conceit | Buy

Donofrio's 2006 Year End Survey

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Bo Muller-Moore said...

I've enjoyed the surveys so far, Mike, very interesting....I had no idea of all the things you've been up to. Your very humble. Happy Holidays. Bo