Saturday, December 08, 2007

Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew | Le National | Dec 6

After last month's Kevin Drew show at Ira Allen Chapel being ruined by a crappy sound system and largely disinterested Kevin Drew, I decided to make the hike up to Montreal for the tour's stop there last Thursday. I'm glad I did because it was exactly the type of show I had hoped to see out of Broken Social Scene all along.

To summarize why the show was so much fun, I'll lay it out as a top ten list.

The Top Ten Reasons Why the BSS Presents Kevin Drew at Le National Was So Good:

10. Los Campesinos! rocked the house and revealed themselves to be Pavement fanatics; one of the guys actually looks like Stephen Malkmus and was sporting a Pavement t-shirt as they knocked out their excellent cover of Pavement’s “Frontwards”. Someone in that band has a serious man-crush on Malkmus.

9. Speaking of crushes, the keyboardist for Los Campesinos is quite crush-worthy.

8. I was in the second row.

7. Unlike the show at UVM, Kevin Drew smiled throughout the show and seemed to be truly happy to be there.

6. 3 piece horn section (Trumpet, Trombone, Saxaphone).

5. The crowd going nuts the whole time. Shows are so much better with an enthusiastic audience.

4. Amy Millan and a few other friends joined the band on stage for the second half of the show. In fact, at one point, there were 15 musicians on stage.

3. The version of “7/4 (Shoreline)” with Amy Millan magically appearing on stage for the first time was amazing with the floor bouncing like a trampoline as everyone started jumping around.

2. Kevin Drew ended the show by climbing down into the crowd and giving people hugs as they left. (Note: Since I’m not a very touchy person, as Drew approached me with all the sweat dripping off of him and arms extended saying “Somebody hug me”, I steadily backed away like a stunned future victim in a slasher film.)

1. A quality sound system.

In order to provide proper balance to this gushfest, I now give you:

The Top Ten Things That Annoyed Me About Going to the Show:

10. The drunk lady next to me who spent an hour screaming “Fuck me, Kevin! Come on! Please Fuck me!” until she passed out on the floor. It was so annoying that Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning actually talked to her from the stage asking her to calm down and shut up.

9. The security guard who didn’t remove the drunk lady from the crowd after he came over to chastise her for throwing paper on stage with her phone number on it.

8. The couple who forced themselves in front of me when there wasn’t enough room between me and the next guy. The couple proceeded to make-out for half the show and were so blatant about it that Kevin Drew even mocked them by asking why Montreal is such a “make-out town”.

7. I got a parking ticket for $25.

6. Waiting by myself for a half-hour for the show to start.

5. Getting home at 2:40am.

4. Walking in the door and hearing my son screaming upstairs with a bloody nose.

3. Having my son’s screaming wake up daughter.

2. Not being able to get my daughter back to sleep until after 4am.

1. My ass dragging the next day.


johnny said...

You sure took a lot of pics... I wonder if somewhere there's another blogger writing a similar review of the show, and #1 on his list of things that annoyed him is "The dude in front of me who wouldn't put his freaking camera down."

Just sayin'...

Flatlander said...

Ha! True. That's possible. However, 1) nobody said anything during the show and 2) I'm tall so I don't have to raise my camera above my head to take a picture at a show if I'm close.

I took more than usual simply because there was so much activity on stage and the colorful backlighting was creating some cool visuals.

bg said...

Sounds like a great show!
With twin 2 yr. old daughters, I can most definitely emphasize on your welcome home. Had a couple of those nights ourselves recently...
I always wondered how you went to so many shows with 2 little ones. I only manage to make it to 1 or 2 a month and even at that, it's tough ( between doing my fair share of child care and getting up early for work). That, and when you have to hang out solo in between sets.

Peter said...

I dunno if I saw you at Elvis Perkins or not but I didn't see a review for the show! I was wondering what your thoughts were on that great night.

jds said...

It's coming.