Monday, December 03, 2007

2007 Year End Survey | Jay Craven

“As usual in Craven’s films, there are many strong performances (Kristofferson, Gary Farmer as a jovial uncle, and Genevieve Bujold as superstitious Cordelia) and the kind of richly evocative landscape photography one associates with the work of Carroll Ballard or Terrence Malick.”
-- Scott Foundas, LA Weekly

“Eerily beautiful and led by Kristofferson's fascinating Quebec Bill, the cast delivers flavorful but un-showy performances that suit the material. Wolfgang Held's graceful, evocative widescreen camerawork and the Arcadian/Celtic dirge of the score by composers Judy Hyman and Jeff Claus are strong components of the impressively realized low-budget production.”
-- Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

“Jay Craven’s Disappearances is an extraordinary accomplishment, a Depression-era piece made on a sub-shoestring budget. This Peckinpah-like Eastern Western stars grizzled Kris Kristofferson as a ex-moonshiner on a last quest, an optimist forever. “Just the opposite of me,” Kristofferson said at Austin.”
-- Gerald Peary, Boston Phoenix

Those are some of the reviews for Vermont filmmaker Jay Craven's latest film, Disappearances. Anytime you are being compared to Terrence Malick while shooting on a "sub-shoestring budget", you're acing your craft.

After touring extensively this summer, Disappearances is now available on DVD via Craven's Kingdom County Productions.

1) What was your favorite song of 2007?

Madeleine Peyroux--Half the Perfect World

2) What was your favorite album of 2007?

Soundtrack of The Assassination of Jesse James
Arcade Fire--Neon Bible
The Best of Van Morrison--Vol. 3

3) What was your favorite concert of 2007?

Bob Dylan at the Essex Fairgrounds
Grace Potter at Burke Mountain

4) What was your favorite thing about 2007?

Touring my film Disappearances in the U.S. and internationally.
Traveling to Ireland with my son, Jasper.

5) What are your best wishes for 2008?

To love, health, imagination, and social progress.

Madeleine Peyroux | Half the Perfect World | Buy


Peter said...

Haha surprising that he liked Neon Bible, though it will probably get my vote for best album of 2007. I didn't enjoy Disappearances that much however. We viewed it in my school's film class and it felt too layered to me. I want to see his other works though.

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