Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Not Feeling It Yet

While jds came on here the other day all full of Christmas cheer, I haven't caught the spirit yet. That's weird because I'm usually right into Christmas when December rolls around. However, I know exactly what's blocking me from getting the yuletide feelings.

Our friggin' tree.

Here's what I posted in the comments to jds' post about cutting down a tree:

So jealous. We completely crapped out today. We went up to the tree farm in Worcester to get our tree but it was completely tagged and picked over. In fact, the guy said they were only allowing six more trees to be cut this year. So, we headed over to Carver's but after a half hour of walking around their woods, we couldn't find a single tree. I don't think he's been able to trim the trees during the summer because they were all overgrown, growing into each other and sporting double/triple trunks.

At that point, the kids were getting cranky and we decided to just stop at Morse Farm on the way back to Montpelier to pick out a precut tree. The tree we got looked OK on the lot but after getting it into the stand, I came to the realization that it's the worst Christmas tree we've ever had. Charlie Brown's tree looks majestic next to this travesty of pine.

And the bloody thing cost me $32. That place is such a trap.

Well, here's some visual proof of our sad-sack-of-a-tree. We had to cut off some branches on the bottom and that gave the tree more of a diamond shape than the traditional triangle. Plus, it's scrawny.

Flash forward 24 hours and I was starting to take some pride in our tree. After decorating it, I felt we had brought it back from the "World of Crappy Trees" to the "World of Forgettable But Decent Trees". Things were looking up.

That was until arriving home from work tonight to find THIS! Geez, I hate that tree.

Oh, did I mention that we are hosting a Christmas party this weekend? And we're stuck with a tree that looks like Keith Moon at the Cow Palace.

At least our kids are getting into it. I noticed my 3-year-old daughter hustling back and forth between the kitchen and manger scene we had set up in the living room. Becoming curious, I asked here what she was doing. To which, she replied, "I'm feeding the animals on Baby Cheez-It's farm." Nice.

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Anonymous said...

my kids have always (since my son was 2) added an 11 inch Emil from "Where the Wild Things Are" figurine to my antique Swedish nativity

bg said...

so sorry -- I feel your pain. that would bug me everytime I looked at - aarrghh - "stupid tree!!!". looks like a little trimming might make it a passable tree though...

Tanner M. said...

Ahhahaha, sorry to see that man. - if you need a hot tip on a cut your own organic tree for 25bucks, let me know.