Thursday, December 13, 2007

2007 Year End Survey | Rusty Dewees

Does Rusty Dewees really need any introduction? If Vermonters vote you as the person they would most like to see naked, you're "a household name"...or in Vermont, a "deer camp name". For your curiosity...Sen. Bernie Sanders came in second.

However, about 80% of the readers of this blog come from outside Vermont and they may not be as familiar with The Logger as we are. Rusty Dewees is the Sammy Davis Jr. of the Green Mountains. He does everything. He's a comedian (Flynn Theater on First Night). He recently released a book, Scrawlins. He acts on both the big screen and small screen. You'll find him racing cars at Thunder Road. He even has his own variety show where you'll find him playing drums.

He even answers our emails.

BTW, a print of the above picture was auctioned off for a pretty penny earlier this week in a fundraiser for Burlington City Arts. Imagine coming home and your significant other has that framed over the mantel. People REALLY love their Rusty.

1) What was your favorite song of 2007?

"Johnny Cash" - Jason Aldean

2) What was your favorite album of 2007?

I don't buy albums but I like that Justin Timberlake, maybe if I got his I'da liked it. Or if Dean Martin was still alive and cutting, I'da liked his.

3) What was your favorite concert of 2007?

I really don't get to concerts. I'm generally busy evenings. Now that I think about it,I did go to George Jones (2006) at the Flynn and thought he did a really fine job. It worked for me.

4) What was your favorite thing about 2007?

It rhymes with, "Tryin to get ta heaven."

5) What are your best wishes for 2008?

Who wouldn't say to see the end of the war, if in fact an outcome can be reached that works for as many as possible.

Jason Aldean | Johnny Cash | Buy


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