Friday, December 21, 2007

The Tallest Man on Earth

One of the most addictive songs that I've found this year is Walk the Line. When I first discovered the track on KEXP I thought it to be sung by some Dylan-esque troubadour from the heartland. But in this age of Polynesian tech support things just aren't that straightforward. The truth is that this acoustic-folk Americana hails from Dalarna, Sweden. Performing under the moniker The Tallest Man on Earth, Kristian Matsson is obviously inspired by the American tradition of Son House and his emulators. But this isn't just historical remake, Matsson's wavy voice grabs and his tempo is addictive. Currently available is a self-titled five-song EP out on Gravitation Records. Debut full length, Shallow Grave, is expected in the new year.

The Tallest Man on Earth | Walk the Line | Buy


Anonymous said...

The Tallest Man is coming to America in early June.

So far, two shows:
Albany NY
Saratoga Springs NY

Check the Tech Valley Times space page for confirms

Anonymous said...