Sunday, December 02, 2007

Add Another Yule Log

It's December and as I write we are on eve of the season's first substantial snowfall. The holiday spirit has hit me big time. The family fulfilled its annual tree chopping duty and felled a beautiful eight footer. We usually head up to the completely overgrown forest known as Carver's Family Tree Farm in East Montpelier. This year we decided to try Murray Hill Farm in Waterbury. The wife was a little apprehensive at first, as she dislikes x-mas tree operation's manicured rows of crops, but there was enough wild there to satisfy her. And if you like sledding the place is great. They don't call it Murray HILL Farm for nothing. They have a pile of sleds next to the hot cocoa, baler, and saws. We grabbed one and made it down the first of many frozen hillsides. Word to the wise: make sure you take the saw out before you barrel down the snow pack. We headed to Richmond after the tree cutting for what has become an annual event: Christmas Caroling at the Old Round Church. Last year we stumbled across this sing-along and found ourselves in what felt like a Norman Rockwell painting. The incredible 16-sided polygon, built nearly 200 years ago, was created to be shared by five protestant denominations as well as the town for it's meetings. To this day it still puts community gathering over religious persuasions - housing speakers, weddings, and Christmas caroling in what is now a National Historic Landmark. It's a truly remarkable building. Click here for a photo tour.

Above is a small clip of Jingle Bells. As you'll notice we are all dressed warmly w/in the box pews - no heat.
Our yuletide celebration was capped with a viewing of ST Griswold's lighted cement truck - a Central Vermont staple. I don't think it's much of a coincidence that the cement company shares a name with Clark W. Griswold, ala Christmas Vacation. Must run in the family.


Flatlander said...

So jealous. We completely crapped out today. We went up to the tree farm in Worcester to get our tree but it was completely tagged and picked over. In fact, the guy said they were only allowing six more trees to be cut this year. So, we headed over to Carver's but after a half hour of walking around their woods, we couldn't find a single tree. I don't think he's been able to trim the trees during the summer because they were all overgrown, growing into each other and sporting double/triple trunks.

At that point, the kids were getting cranky and we decided to just stop at Morse Farm on the way back to Montpelier to pick out a precut tree. The tree we got looked OK on the lot but after getting it into the stand, I came to the realization that it's the worst Christmas tree we've ever had. Chralie Brown's tree looks majestic next to this travesty of pine.

And the bloody thing cost me $32. That place is such a trap.

We did load the kiddies into the car after dinner to drive around looking at everyone's Christmas lights as we listen to Vince Guaraldi's "A Charlie Brown Christmas". We do it every Sunday night during December. Nice little holiday tradition.

While we were riding around, I actually mentioned the lighted cement truck to my son. However, now I know where we should have been to see it. We'll have to remember the sing-along for next year.

Tanner M. said...

ah nice - i two got the bug over the weekend, jenny and i felled a tree as well, and enjoyed an evening listening to the peanuts christmas and drinking boozy eggnog with friends. Enjoy the season man :)

Tanner M. said...

two... too... whatever.