Monday, December 10, 2007

2007 Year End Survey | Eva Sollberger

Some responses to this survey are long and others are brief. However, nobody has ever responded via video...until now.

Last week, we had Jay Craven and this week, we have another filmmaker, Eva Sollberger. Prior to becoming the in-house filmmaker for Seven Days and their video blog Stuck in Vermont, Sollberger spent ten years working on special effects for big budget Hollywood films and staffing the San Francisco International and Sundance film festivals.

I first discovered Sollberger's work through her other blog The Deadbeat Club. She had a video of the Burlington waterfront set to The Magnetic Fields' "The Sun Goes Down and the World Goes Dancing". The whole video was a collection of stills of the sunset across the lake with the pictures changing to the beat of the song. It was very cool and immediately made her a perfect person to ask to contribute to this project.

Roll the video!

If the YouTube player looks sucky, you can also watch it on Brightcove here.

Here are some other videos Sollberger put together this year:

Sonic Youth

Gogol Bordello

WRUV's Exposure (featuring The Hero Cycle)

The entire archive

The Jazz Guys | Jungle Jackson (demo)


Peter said...

Ugh I saw her at Stars and she never made a video about the show!

Flatlander said...

Eva can explain more of the story but I believe she was there mainly to film The Cush. However, the sound got messed up. Then Stars actually came out and asked her not to film their performance.

Eva, is that the jist of it?

Casey said...

Yay Eva!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

I was actually there to film The Cush because it was one of their last shows and the band wanted some footage. I had no clearance to shoot Stars.

Burlington misses you Casey. Editorial meetings are just not the same.

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