Monday, December 17, 2007

2007 Year End Survey | Hannah Teter

Between baseball's steroids scandal, Michael Vick, Marion Jones, Floyd Landis and a slew of other ne'er-do-wells, it's easy to dismiss athletes as selfish, greedy and lacking integrity. That's why Hannah Teter is refreshing. Not only is the Vermont native rocking the winner's podium, appearing in movies and traveling the world, she's focusing on feeding children in Africa that have been orphaned by AIDS.

Hannah's Gold is a brand of Grade A Vermont Maple Syrup that her family boils and is sold to help those children in Africa. The proceeds of the sales go to World Vision which is a "Christian relief and development organization dedicated to helping children and their communities worldwide reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty. They serve the world's poor- regardless of a person's religion, race, ethnicity, or gender."

Plus, she's a music fan which makes it even easier to get behind her.

You can order a bottle of Hannah's Gold from her website.

1) What was your favorite song of 2007?

Asian Dub Foundation- black/white

2) What was your favorite album of 2007?

Ky-Mani Marley- RADio

3) What was your favorite concert of 2007?

India Arie in south Lake taHoe at the dirty casinos that pollute the lake, but put on good shows none the less.

4) What was your favorite thing about 2007?

Learning about Darfur and reaching out to try and help and raise more awareness... because still today people dont know ! And if you reading this & dont know about the genocide in Darfur..... over 600,000 have been murdered and/or starved to death, and 2 million are homeless and living in a hellish state of life. Very sad. But it can be changed if everybody reached out and said this sort of crap can't happen.

5) What are your best wishes for 2008?

pEace for everybody world wide! filming a snowboard part in Kenya where we will take some of the kids up to the mountains and watch them experience snow for the first time of their lives... and then we're just going to hang out with the locals in the town that my charity sponsers... chillin', grasping the other world that people live in so gratefully, but how hard that other world is.. its gunna be life changing and full-filling ! not too excited to get the shots you have to get to go there, but hey, its worth it!

Asian Dub Foundation | Black White | Buy