Monday, December 03, 2007

2007 Year End Survey | Greg Davis

Sometimes I feel I'm too busy and need to cut back on some things. Then I get an email from Greg Davis detailing all the stuff he has going on and I realize I'm a complete slacker next to that guy.

This year, Greg has released an album with Zach Wallace under the name Sun Circle, released another album with Jeph Jerman called Sound Wheel, completed two tours of the US with Akron/Family, toured Europe with the High Llamas and Lawrence English, promoted a dozen shows for other bands in Burlington, had his series of field recordings and environmental improvisation converted to digital for sale on Other Music's site and continued his work mastering other musicians' recording at Autumn Records. Plus, I think he continuously keeps six plates spinning on sticks in his home.

The next show Greg is promoting (along with Tick Tick) is Duane Pitre at Kriya Studio in Burlington on Dec 8th. Christian Wolff and James Tenney are also on the bill.

1) What was your favorite song of 2007?
2) What was your favorite album of 2007?

songs and albums rolled into one:

eliane radigue - jetsun mila, alvin lucier - ever present, white rainbow - prism of eternal now, valet - blood is clean, panda bear - person pitch, dirty projectors - rise above, akron/family - love is simple, megafaun - bury the square, asa irons & swann miller - s/t, glenn jones - against which the sea continually beats, group inerane - guitars from agadez, jeph jerman - four guitars / eight amplified gongs, ellen fullman & sean meehan - s/t, richard youngs & tirath singh nirmala - s/t, ruth garbus - ruthie's requests, the wind-up bird - bleeding hertz, the ghost shirt - s/t, etc etc...

3) What was your favorite concert of 2007?

mamadou diabate @ UVM, tinariwen @ higher ground, mike tamburo @ kriya, tom carter/kurt weisman/ruth garbus @ firehouse gallery, lullatone @ firehouse, home items @ volga river trading co., charalambides/kira kira @ firehouse gallery, raccoo-oo-oon/evan miller @ kriya, merce cunningham dance company @ flynn, jon mueller / jason kahn @ green door, white rainbow @ henry miller library, megafaun @ downunder club, dodos @ doug fir lounge

4) What was your favorite thing about 2007?

D.C. PEACE SURGE rally in january with my family and friends and all the good people, sun circle / wind up bird february tour, florida, getting married, buying a house, playing with the books again, recording / producing the ghost shirt, meeting akron/family, colorado river / grand canyon trip with my brother and father, playing and touring with akron/family, meeting megafaun, cabo, crowd surfing at the troubadour in LA! jammin', rockin', dancin', playin' in the band! playing with fennesz & the high llamas in bordeaux, DRONES!!!!!!!!!

5) What are your best wishes for 2008?

being here now (complete awesome presence), love & peace & happiness & positivity & openness & deep deep vibes, more deep listening, more sounds, more music, more shows, finishing a new solo album finally! more local & organic food, good tea, continued learning / exploration / curiosity / wonder, ending the war, yoga, meditation, electing barack obama for president. this is going to be a big and beautiful year, lets make it happen!

White Rainbow | Mystic Prism | Buy

Greg Davis | Brocade (Rewoven) | Buy

Greg Davis' 2006 Year End Survey


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