Thursday, December 13, 2007

Viva-Radio Dance Party | Burlington | Dec 15

From the folks at Tick Tick:

Don't forget to come out on Saturday night, to the lovely, the upstairs, the Second Floor (lower church st), for a fascinating night of dancing!!

Featuring Mike DeVice (Tick Tick's official DJ)
and Neil & Jordan of Get Low!!, Tedward of Springbreak, Glen of Absinthe & Presents, and Matt of Sticky Wickets, all DJs coming from far away just to please you.

Its $3 at the door if you're over 21, $8 if you're under 21, and FREE if you RSVP to - there are a few spots left.

Beginning at 9 pm. Ending at 2 am.

If you don't come, we may not see you until after the holidays that many but not all people celebrate, when we will all DANCE AGAIN (on the 29th, details to come).

We'd like to recommend Barnes Elementary performance of the Nutcracker as a pre-entertainment on Saturday afternoon at 3pm.

Watch your steps, don't slip on the ice out there!

Love, Tick Tick

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