Tuesday, December 12, 2006

VPR Switchboard's Annual Music Show | Tonight | Dec 12th

Quick programming note. Tonight from 7pm-8pm, VPR will host Switchboard's Annual Music Show: The Best of 2006. Bob Kinzel and Steve Zind will host the show.

I called in last year to plug The Go! Team's Thunder Lighting Strike but I don't think I'll be able to call in this year. I have to drive down to NJ tonight for work and will be out of listening range. Maybe I'll call in and then I can just listen to the show while I'm on hold.

The main thing I remember from last year's show was how much more I liked the choices of the callers than the ones they had pre-chosen for the show. Who knows if that'll continue but at least they've been using clips from Jenny Lewis and The decemberists in their promos for the show. Certainly, a good sign.

If you want to contribute to the show via email, you can use this form to submit your comments.

If you want to call into the show, the number is (800) 639-2211.

If you are outside of VPR's market, you can stream VPR from their main page.


casey said...

Holy shit, I forgot I was interviewed for this episode. Thanks for reminding me!

Flatlander said...

That xplains how jenny Lewis made it into the promos.

bc said...

yellow tango?

Flatlander said...

Yeh, I thought that was pretty funny too. Last year, they couldn't understand Thunder Lightning Strike either. I guess I mumble too much.

The funniest moment was when the screener asked me about what album I wanted to talk about:

Screener: What's the name of the band?

Me: Yo La Tengo

Screener: What's the name of the album?

Me: I'm not afraid of you and I'll beat your ass.

Screener: Excuse me?!?!?!

I then burst out laughing and quickly explained that I was threatening her. That's just the name of the album.