Friday, December 01, 2006

Stephen Colbert vs The Decemberists

Thanks to cj for the tip.


k. said...

stepping up your game i like that. did the wife pass on the word that i was dogging you at the dentist office??

Flatlander said...

She said you were very chatty but she didn't mention any slagging. I'll have to check with her and then rip you later!

Bob said...

Great new masthead!

Flatlander said...


For those outside the area, the masthead is a map of the northern counties of Vermont which lie on the 45th parallel...the False 45th.

Flatlander said...

By the way, all of the credit for the new masthead and re-design of the site goes to jds. I'm clueless about how to do changes to the template.

Tmoore said...

I see Highgate in there!

k. said...

perhaps the first time I have ever been described as "very chatty." for me I take it as a compliment ;)

Flatlander said...

t, I saw that too when jds sent it over to me. Glad it made it.

k, I thought she was talking about the wrong person at first. I said, "Are you sure?" but that's what she said..."very chatty". However, she doesn't remember you doggin' me. She said she was doggin' me and you just laughed along with her.

I'm happy to provide so much entertainment for you guys.

jds said...

I believe Highgate is on that map 4 times. Quite the group of PR people up in that corner. Highest concentration of map coverage per population in the state of Vermont.

K & Flatlander, your conversation has absolutely lost me.

Masthead makes me giggle. Not just because I'm immature, but because I read it as mas-THEAD. As if it has a lisp requirement.

Tmoore said...

i'm just missing the definition of "dogged" which i misread as "dog thed" :P

Highgate is much like New York City, where there exists a variety of boroughs, each of which traditionally caters to a different diverse group.

Highgate Center = Manhattan
Springs = Brooklyn
Falls = Bronx
East = Harlem, Queens, and staten island. (ie, it' sucks.)