Sunday, December 10, 2006

Salami or Luther

During last Thursday's Frost Heaves 104-95 win over the Chicago Rockstars, my wife had a debate over the Rockstars' point guard Brian Zirkle. Who does he look like more?

Salami from the White Shadow or the guy in Warriors (Luther) who schreeches "Warriors! Come out to play!" with the bottles clinking on his fingers.

I voted for the guy from Warriors but my wife was in the Salami camp.

By the way, the Frost Heaves won again on Saturday night and are now 9-2 with one of the best records in the entire ABA. Their next game is Thursday, Dec. 14th, in Burlington against the ABA defending champion Rochester Razorsharks.

What the hell is a razorshark?


Anonymous said...

I assume a Razorshark would be referring to a shark with Razorshark teeth. But they are good.

Anonymous said...

Razorsharp teeth, sorry

David said...

I also vote Salami just bc anytime I hear a reference to the White Shadow it makes me chuckle. Good call, Cal!

Flatlander said...


Did that get a chuckle?