Sunday, December 17, 2006

New Blog | Big Corduroy

Over on BigSoccer, there are a lot of folks whose love for soccer is only matched by their love of music. One of those guys is Alex Abnos. Since Alex and I share a lot of similar musical tastes and he's turned me onto a lot of bands in the past, I was glad to see he started his own music blog.

The blog (called Big Corduroy) started just last week. However, he kicked it off with an ambitious listing of his top 100 albums of 2006. Each day Alex is posting another ten albums. Good one to bookmark.

By the way, Alex also has a band called Tut Tut and a record label called Ironpaw Records.

Tut Tut | Mia Clarke's Theme


jds said...

Love that Ironpaw!

Flatlander said...

Good memory.

That reminds me. I've been meaning to start another album draft on BigSoccer. This time, the judging would just be on the artwork of the album cover. Maybe after the holidays.