Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Pants Documentary Trailer

Bill Simmon of Candleblog has posted the trailer for his upcoming documentary about the legendary Burlington band The Pants and their reunion show last May. I'm in the trailer towards the end talking about them being local legends. You can also see Brad of Bradley's Almanac and Casey of 7D and solidstate in the trailer.

There is actually going to be two films. A concert film and also a separate documentary about the history of the band. According to the site for the films, they are expected to be released in 2007.

Bill did a good job of teasing the story of the movie in the trailer. It left me wanting to hear more about the guy getting tossed out of the band.

My post on the reunion show is here.


Bob said...

That looks awesome. I didn't realize that was you in the trailer...you totally have that "by the way, I'm a rock critic" thing going.

Flatlander said...

I think you are confusing that look with my "by the way, I'm an opinionated ass" thing.

I'm guessing that I'm the killjoy of the film but that's fine by me. I think The Pants were largely a victim of bad timing. They could have had more national success if they had formed five years earlier. I don't know if that point has made it into the film but that's basically what I said during my interview with Bill.

jay said...

It's always been my dream to do a rock documentary about a Burlington band, so I'm both thrilled and jealous that someone else is doing it.

kingdomforavoice said...

I liked the little bits of music in the trailer(in addition to the trailer itself) are their albums still around? As a new resident i feel obligated to check them out.

Neil said...


[opens trenchcoat]
If you wanna buy a copy of "Fred Sex", the classic 2nd album AND "Viva Los Pants!", the recently compiled B-sides/live disc, I'll throw in a burned copy of the self-titled debut, currently out of print.

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