Thursday, December 07, 2006

Jack Rose | Peter Walker | F.S. Blumm | Tonight (Dec 7th) | Firehouse | Burlington

Quick note for fans in the Burlington area.

Three acoustic guitarists, Jack Rose, Peter Walker & F.S. Blumm will be playing at the Firehouse Center for Visual Arts tonight in Burlington. The show starts at 8:30 but it's a small space (about 100 people) so get there early. Doors open at 7:30. Tickets are $7.

Here's how Greg Davis describes the artists:

another amazing guitar show.

jack rose is probably the most well known player in the neo-fahey guitar playing school. jack is about the closest youll ever get to hearing fahey in his prime. plays it well. he is heavily indebted to john fahey / robbie basho / etc, but also has a style of his own, moving into blues and raga influenced playing too. jack was previously a member of the acoustic drone band Pelt.

peter walker was involved in the harvard music scene in the 60's. he made the musical accompaniments for timothy leary's 'celebrations'. he also played on the greenwich village circuit for awhile. he released 2 excellent guitar raga albums on the vanguard label in the late 60's and then disappeared into obscurity. until now! peter is back for his first live shows in many many years. over the past couple decades, peter has been studying flamenco guitar in spain and his new music has that flavor but still has hints of his old guitar raga style.

f.s. blumm is from berlin germany, it just so turned out that frank / f.s. was coming to burlington to visit me and it coincided with this show, so its a rare chance to hear him live. frank also plays guitar and lots of other instruments. his style is influenced by post rock, film, pop, and world music. he synthesizes all of these styles into his own unique melodic / rhythmic blend. he has been putting out records for many years on the morr music label and other labels. he is also a member of sack und blumm and kinn.

You can also read Casey's comments on the show in Seven Days.

Jack Rose | Kenningston Blues

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