Monday, December 04, 2006

Ola Podrida

Ola Podrida is a Brooklyn by way of Austin band led by David Wingo. Wingo has a history of putting together fantastic soundtracks for the fantastic NC based writer/Director David Gordan Green (All The Real Girls is one of my all-time favorite films and George Washington has been neglectfully sitting on top of my tv for weeks) and others (the highly lauded Guatemalan Handshake, staring Will Oldham).

The tracks off Wingo's upcoming debut share the sincerety, dust, pain, and whimsy of the stories that play in front of his compositions. The sound is easily put in the Iron & Wine camp of indie/folk, but as less of a follower and more of a peer.

The full-length album is set to release in spring 2007 by Plug Research.

Ola Podrida Cindy
Ola Podrida Instead
Ola Podrida Photo Booth

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Flatlander said...

I'm loving "Cindy". Nice find.