Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Oakley Hall

Oakley Hall released two albums during 2006 - Second Guessing and Gypsum Strings (wouldn't it of made sense to change the order of release?). Bloggers have called them psych-country-rock monsters and their sound ripping psychedelic country rock.

Here's a great performance of Lazy Susan during the Second Guessing CD release party at Union Pool, Brooklyn - Feb 4 2006.

Gypsum Strings
Oakley Hall Lazy Susan
Oakley Hall Living in Sin in the USA

Second Guessing
Oakley Hall Landlord
Oakley Hall Eyes, Lock & Steel

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Flatlander said...

By the way, you scooped Rolling Stone by a week. They had a feature on Oakley Hall this week as a "band to watch". Nice scoop.