Wednesday, December 20, 2006

U2 | Window In the Skies

Any regular reader here probably knows I'm not a big U2 fan. I think they are OK but have never been in love with them. Having said that, this video is fun, fun, fun.

The people who created it must have one huge kick-ass database of concert videos...and a huge budget to buy all of the rights to those clips. I guess it's called Universal Records.


Bob said...

That think is amazing. I love the shots of U2 members in the crowd.

Anonymous said...

awesome. i wish i could write a song like that.

Flatlander said...

The funny thing is that I barely even notice the song when I watch the video. I get so caught up in trying to identify all of the artists, I can't tell you a single lyric or hum a bar from the song depite having watched the video about ten times.

Anonymous said...

Dig Apollo Sunshine rocking in black and white and the 3 or 4 mc5 clips