Sunday, December 10, 2006

Tokyo Police Club

While we all await next summer's release of Arcade Fire's sophomore album, you might as well kill some of the time with another band from Canada that reminds me of Arcade Fire.

Tokyo Police Club hail from Toronto and have only released an EP so far (A Lesson in Crime) but are getting some good buzz. Besides all of that crap, their quirky sound reminds me of Arcade Fire with brief spurts of the full band singing together. It isn't as multi-layered as the gang from Montreal but the abrupt shifts throughout their songs feels familiar to Funeral.

Tokyo Police Club | Citizens of Tomorrow | Buy

Here's their video for "Nature of the Experiment":


chad said...

They remind you of the Arcade Fire? Hmmm....

Flatlander said...

Absolutely. It was the first thought that popped in my head. Even before I knew they were from Canada.

I take it that you don't hear any similarities.