Friday, December 01, 2006

Smog | Supper

I've been a big fan of Smog for about a decade but somehow Bill Callahan's album Supper slipped past me. Actually, I know exactly how it slipped past me. It came out in 2003 which was the same year my daughter was born. There are a lot of great albums missing from my collection from 2002 and 2003 since those were the years my kids were born and it really wasn't until the end of 2004 before I knew what had hit me.

So, playing catch-up, I finally found Supper on emusic last month and have been loving it. It's very similar to last year's A River Ain't Too Much to Love in that the songs feature smaller arrangments and are more immediately palatable than some of his earlier works. Plus, there are lots of plaintive love songs . However, that's been consistent throughout Callahan's fifteen year career.

Definitely a good pick-up for any Smog fan.

Smog | Our Anniversary | Buy

The album also spurred two of the simplest videos (read: low budget) that you'll ever see. But when you are only selling a few thousand copies per release, it makes sense to just feature a couch and a lady.


"Truth Serum"


Anonymous said...

A couch and a lady? If memory serves, that's just no lady, that's Cat Power!

Zach said...

I'm more than two years late to the game here, but Bill and Chan broke up in '98 or so, which means that's definitely not "Cat Power" in the video. It should also be pretty obvious that both of those videos are just exquisitely crappy fan contributions - there's no way Bill or Drag City had anything to do with something so poorly made. Give them some credit.

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