Tuesday, December 26, 2006


This is a horrible statement to make but if I had seen Trilobite's publicity photo before hearing their music, I probably wouldn't have taken the time to listen to them. That shot above is total cheese. It looks like something right out of Rock and Roll Confidential's Hall of Douchebags. Thumbs in the pockets??? Come on! Having said that, I'm glad I didn't miss the opportunity to hear their beautiful sounds.

Trilobite are from Albuquerque and their self-titled debut came out last month. It's filled with dark quiet but textured western folk songs. They basically exist where Brooklyn's quiet atmospheric Doveman meets the moody alt-country stylings of Okkervil River. I think they are going to be big with the clove smokers in Europe.

Trilobite's lead singer and songwriter, Mark Ray Lewis, is an accomplished writer outside of music having been a Stegner Fellow at Stanford and winner of an O. Henry and a Pushcart for his fiction. Well, I guess his creativity runs over into music too because he's penned an album that leaves you feeling the remorseless dust of the desert southwest. Just don't let the photo fool you. They are worthy of your attention.

Trilobite | Pumpkin Farmer | Buy
Trilobite | Hunky Kentuckian | Buy


Bo Muller-Moore said...

I just paid big bucks for a family portrait, and I must admit.....I had my thumbs in my pockets. Doh!!!!

Flatlander said...

Bo, considering that you sometimes pose for pictures naked, just having pockets available was probably a big plus.

Bo Muller-Moore said...

You know I've always said "I have to put my thumbs SOMEWHERE!".