Thursday, October 18, 2007

Kamikaze Hearts | Coming to Winooski | Oct 19

False 45th's favorite band (here, here, here, here) is swinging back into town this Friday for what looks to be a great night of music:

Karl Blau
Kamikaze Hearts
Hello Shark

The show will be at Monkey House in Winooski and is being promoted by the good folks at Tick Tick.

I don't know much about Karl Blau except that he releases an album every month to people who subscribe to his...ummm...service, I guess. Quite prolific. However, the real treat of the night will be The Kamikaze Hearts. They have a great warm but rocking acoustic sound in concert.

The Kamikaze Hearts | No One Called You a Failure | Buy

The Kamikaze Hearts | Ash Wednesday | Buy

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