Monday, October 15, 2007

Hype for The Hype Machine

I'm a bit conflicted on this one.

As you can see above or by going to The Hype Machine's new website, the owners of the site are holding the new version of the site hostage until they get 10,000 music fans to log onto the site and leave their browsers open.

Part of me wants to say "screw them". I never liked the kid who would take his ball and go home unless you let him be the quarterback. And this promotion has a bit of that feel.

However, I also like a nifty idea and the fact is that holding your own site hostage will get people talking about it which is the ultimate goal of any promotion. So, I decided it was more clever than annoying.

The really interesting thing though would be if it never hit 10,000 people. Would they drop their demands or let the site die?

In the meantime, I'd recommend using to find out what is going on in the music blogosphere.

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