Sunday, October 14, 2007

Blacksmith Chic

What's better than a party with great food, booze and friends? A party with great food, booze, friends...and a welding torch! That's right.

Last night, some friends of ours threw a sweet party with the added attraction of having a friend of theirs who is a welder, blacksmith and artist at the party blowing her torch. The idea was that people would bring any scrap metal they had available to the party, organize it into a desired sculpture and Lorelei Sims of Blacksmith Chic would weld it all together. Definitely a cool attraction at a party.

I brought some rebar and old clippers that a neighbor gave me but you could use anything in the pile of scrap metal to create a sculpture. So, I pulled out some odd pieces of metal, paired them into a modified arch with a base and let Lorelei forge them together. In my buzzed state, I was pretty jazzed about it. However, even in the sober morning light, I was still pleased with it. I haven't figured out where to put it yet but it'll probably go in the garden somewhere.

Be sure to check out the picture of Lorelei on the front page of her site. Pretty cool picture of her banging out some hot ore.

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Tanner M. said...

This is f'in cool. please, invite me along next time :) what a great idea for a party.

Flatlander said...

Got any scrap metal laying around? You're in.

Oh, and guard rails you take out on the way to the party don't count.

Anonymous said...

i just wanted to say how much fun i had working with everyone who made a sculpture to take home! we are already talking about same time same place for next year, only more equipment, like the plasma cutter! spread the word.....