Monday, October 22, 2007

False 45th on Pitchfork

As someone noted in the comments of the previous post, this blog made it onto Pitchfork today. It's always fun to see something you've written mentioned on a site with such a large footprint. However, the timing is a weird coincidence because it's almost exactly a year after seeing False 45th mentioned in Rolling Stone. I wonder what will pop up next October. Perhaps, I'll shoot for Quilter's World. I did make a quilt out of beer towels a few years ago.

By the way, regarding The Capstan Shafts new album, Environ Maiden, which is part of the focus of the piece on Pitchfork, the album is available on emusic.

Also, the Catbirdseat, has a brief review of The Capstan Shafts show at CMJ. It was Dean Wells' first show with a full band.

Additionally, Things Chris Recorded has an audience recording of The Capstan Shafts' performance at CMJ.

The Capstan Shafts | Drop Dead Innocuous | Buy


Anonymous said...

Quick - delete that "Die, Pitchfork, Die!" headline before someone notices.


jds said...

Nice catch. That headline is actually taken from a Slate article of the same name:

Flatlander said...

Nice memory, TK.

Just to reiterate my feelings about Pitchfork...while I find the reviews to often be unnecessarily dense, there isn't a better site on the web for news about the indie music world.

Chris said...

Here's a recording I made of the CMJ set:

brockmasterlfex said...

congrats guys! its a great feeling to see something you wrote on the big stage!