Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Chikita Violenta

I know all the Broken Social Scene fans are still dining on Kevin Drew's fantastic new album but there's another album you may want to pick up if BSS is your thing.

Chikita Violenta is a five-piece band out of Mexico City that released their second album earlier this year. I'm not sure how the connection was made but somehow Chikita Violenta became involved with BSS which led them to Toronto to record The Stars and Suns Session with BSS producer David Newfeld. The result is an album that meshes with the now-identifiable "BSS sound". One thing to note though, don't expect any latin influence due to them being from Mexico. They sing in English and are very much in the indie rock vein.

I had stumbled upon their song "Laydown" a few weeks ago but couldn't find the album on emusic, iTunes or any online dealer of physical discs. Well, I now know why. It was finally released in the US today and is now available on both emusic and iTunes. I'm still working my way through the album but there's already a few standout tracks including a shoegazer version of The Byrds' "Eight Miles High".

Chikita Violenta | Laydown | Buy

Chikita Violenta | Eight Miles High (The Byrds cover) | Buy

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