Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Starline Rhythm Boys | Live CD Recording | Charlie-O's

There's so many things going on this weekend that it's tough to keep track of everything. Plus, I'm going to miss all of it because I'll be in Boston seeing my newest nephew for the first time.

However, if you are going to be in town this weekend, There's going to be a fun night of music down at Charlie-O's in Montpelier. Vermont's finest honky-tonkin', rockin' billy band, The Starline Rhythm Boys, are going to be cutting a live album at the bar with performances on both Friday and Saturday night (Oct 19 & 20).

Charlie-O's is a great choice to cut a honky-tonk album. The slogan for the place is "Good Spirits and Bad Company Since the War Between the States". I love that slogan and it perfectly describes the type of bar it is. Let's put it this way...don't even think of ordering anything other than a Budweiser in there.

In an article in The Montpelier Bridge, the band's sound engineer, Chuck Eller, said his plan is to "capture everything about the gig: the crowd, the cash register, the drinks being served, the action at the pool tables, even the squeaky front door". If they get a rowdy crowd, that could make for a fun two nights and cool CD.

Oh, and no cover.

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