Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bob Dylan Radio Interview | Contest Giveaway

Last week, a new Bob Dylan greatest hits compilation was released titled DYLAN. It comes in either a three CD-set or a pared down version on one CD. If you don't have much of a collection of Dylan CDs, it's a good gateway drug to his canon because it spans his full career and hits on some of his lesser known gems such as "The Groom's Still Waiting at the Altar", "Jokerman" and "Brownsville Girl".

So, to promote the album, we've been given three prize packs to give away. The grand prize includes a Dylan iPod case, poster and a CD single (which I think is of "Most Likely You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine" but I'm not positive). The two runner-up prizes will include just the poster and CD single.

Here's how it'll work...the links below are from a radio interview that Dylan did with Cynthia Gooding on WBAI in New York in 1962 before his debut album was released. The interview is killer. It sounds great and includes a bunch of unreleased tunes. However, one the most entertaining aspects of the interview is listening to Dylan lie his ass off to Gooding. At this point, fans know his life story and will be able to easily spot his lies. However, at the time, he was not well known and Gooding buys all the lies hook, line and sinker. She actually starts to sound like she has the hotties for the guy; check out her "Ooooh Yeeeessss!" at the end of "Emmett Till" to see what I mean.

Well, the fifth person to email us with one of Dylan's lies wins the grand prize while the sixth and seventh emails will win the runner-up prizes. You can email us at false45th [at] gmail [dot] com. Be sure to include your address. No P.O. boxes. UPS doesn't do P.O. boxes.

One other interesting thing to note about this interview...despite the fact that the interview was recorded shortly before the release of his debut album, Dylan only performs one song ("Fixin' to Die") off the album he's there to promote. Could you imagine any band/artist these days doing a promo interview, playing eleven songs and only having one of them be from their new album? Their publicist would shoot them on the way out of the studio. Oh, how things have changed...that sounds like a song.

Bob Dylan | Lonesome Whistle Blues

Bob Dylan | Interview - Part 1

Bob Dylan | Fixin' to Die

Bob Dylan | Interview - Part 2

Bob Dylan | Smokestake Lightning

Bob Dylan | Interview - Part 3

Bob Dylan | Hard Travelin'

Bob Dylan | Interview - Part 4

Bob Dylan | Emmett Till

Bob Dylan | Interview - Part 5

Bob Dylan | Standing on the Highway

Bob Dylan | Interview - Part 6

Bob Dylan | Roll On, John

Bob Dylan | Interview - Part 7

Bob Dylan | Stealin'

Bob Dylan | Interview - Part 8

Bob Dylan | Makes a Long Time Man Feel Bad

Bob Dylan | Interview - Part 9

Bob Dylan | Baby, Please Don't Go

Bob Dylan | Interview - Part 10

Bob Dylan | Hard Times in New York Town

Bob Dylan | Interview - Part 11


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. It's a fascinating look at an icon's personality and talent before he became an icon.

dean said...

A true historical document - thanks!

Paul said...

This is great stuff. Thanks. I linked to it at my site Setting The Woods On Fire I hope that's OK.

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