Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tom Carter | Kurt Weisman | Ruth Garbus | Firehouse Gallery | Oct 26

I gotta admit. I'm not familiar with the music of Tom Carter, Kurt Weisman and Ruth Garbus. However, here's what I do know...I know that the show is being promoted by Greg Davis and often, when I post about a new band I'm enjoying, Greg Davis leaves a comment saying "Hey, I booked those guys to play Burlington 18 months ago. They were great. You should have been there."

Basically, what I'm saying is that Greg Davis has great taste in music and a knack for promoting them before the rest of the blogosphere falls in love with them. So, when he brings artists you aren't familiar with to town, it's worth checking out.

Here are the details:

Tom Carter (of Charalambides)

Kurt Weisman (of Feathers)

Ruth Garbus (of Feathers)

Firehouse Gallery

149 Church St.


Friday, Oct 26



photo courtesy of shoegazer

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