Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ski and Skate Swap | Montpelier High School | Oct 20

Another thing going on this weekend is the annual ski and skate swap at Montpelier High School. If you're looking to either buy or sell some used equipment, it's a great place to be. Plus, a portion of every sale goes towards funding the Montpelier Recreation Department.

So, here's how it works...if you have some old skis (no straight skis allowed), boots, poles, snowboards, skates, etc. you bring them by Montpelier High School on Thursday and Friday night (Oct 18 & 19). Then the actual sale starts on Saturday (Oct 20) and runs from 9am-2pm.

Last year, I picked up a pair of barely used skis and bindings for $100 and we completely outfitted our kids with everything for less than that. The deals are great.

One nifty tip is that if you volunteer to work on any of the three days, you get first dibs at all the equipment on Friday night. So, if you feel like volunteering a few hours, there's contact info on this site.

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Jenny said...

Attention: This article is for )ct. 2007. The 2010 Annual Ski and Skate sale is on Oct. 23 2010. For more information please contact the Montpelier Recreation Department at 1-802-225-8691
or visit online

-Montpelier Recreation Department