Saturday, October 06, 2007

Restore | Free Day

I'd meant to post about this earlier in the week but forgot about it. Hopefully, some people will still see this before it passes.

Everyone gets excited about Ben & Jerry's free cone day but an even better bargain is The Restore's Free Day. The Restore in Montpelier is a non-profit store set up to recycle items that local businesses would otherwise have thrown out. So, all sorts of industrial surplus is made available to artists, crafts people and, in our case, kids. You never know what they'll have in stock because it depends on what local businesses are giving them that week but that also makes for part of the fun.

Normally, the stuff is pretty cheap. However, today, prices drop to nothing. So, from 10-3, you can stop by and take whatever you want.

The store is located next to Finkerman's BBQ out along Route 2 heading east from downtown Montpelier.


Bob F. said...

What an awesome concept!

Flatlander said...

I agree. It's so simple and smart. Plus, it's just a cool store to poke around in.