Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Loyalty Bid | UPDATE

Some guy in Montpelier has a stunt going on eBay and the beneficiary is a charity that rescues animals. So, I thought I'd put a link up to it.

Will Forest has been a lifetime Yankee fan but is so upset with how the Yanks handled Joe Torre's departure from the team that he is disavowing his love for the team. To raise money and find a new team to root for, he's putting his loyalty up for bid on eBay. The winning bid (which goes to Compassion Without Borders) gets to pick what team Forest roots for going forward. Right now, the leading bid is $177.50. Bidding ends on Oct 30.

I'm glad to see the guy is raising money for charity but something seems off here. How can someone be a lifetime Yankee fan and react so strongly to the changing of the manager? Between 1978 and 1992, the Yankees changed managers 18 times. Yes, things have calmed down since then but it's still embedded in the DNA of any Yankee fan to accept these things in stride.

Plus, if this guy is as big of a fan as he claims to be, he won't stay away from the Yanks. I pledged to boycott baseball for five years following the cancellation of the 1994 World Series due to labor negotiations. However, I only lasted until about September of 1995. I couldn't stay away. It was too much of a part of what I love to do. I'm guessing Forest is the same and will be back in due time.

UPDATE: The winning bid was $300.

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Bob said...

More proof that Yankees fans are strange.

Lets Go Mets!