Friday, August 31, 2007

Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew | Coming to UVM | Nov 12

Angioplasty Media has a post up about a cool upcoming show. Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene will be playing Ira Allen Chapel on UVM's campus on Nov 12 (corrected date). However, the title of the band is peculiar..."Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew".

At first, I thought it was just Drew doing a solo show (a la Feist at The Flynn on Sep 9) and songs off his upcoming album Spirit If... (the release date is the same day as the show). However, then Bradley's Almanac has a post up this week about the show in Boston in which he described it as "the new incarnation of Broken Social Scene, which includes mainstays Kevin Drew, Brendan Canning, and drummer Justin Peroff, along with three new faces: Andrew Kenny (of the dearly departed American Analog Set), Sam Goldberg (Hawaii, Uncut, Bodega), and Bill Priddle (who is actually a now-returned founding BSS member)." Additionally, they played some BSS tunes in addition to Drew's solo material.

Regardless, I don't care what they play, I'm there.

Tickets will be available via the UVM ticket office.

Kevin Drew Tbtf Available on Sep 18


Peter said...

I have a friend from Boston who saw the Myspace Secret show and said it was amazing. She even met Kevin before and after the show, and received grapes and carrots from backstage.

Wally said...

Here's the review of the accompanying album.

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