Thursday, August 02, 2007

Beulah | Peel Session

I really miss Beulah and their California sunshine rock. In fact, I'm often jealous of people who say they haven't heard Beulah before since they have the opportunity to fall in love with them for the first time.

I think they're a great example of a band that would have been immensely helped by the current day scene of mp3 blogs and internet hype. Their sound was easily accessible which works well with the short attention span of the average web surfer and they toured pretty heavily which leads to a lot of posts about a band. Unfortunately, they broke up just as the the blogosphere started cranking up.

Then again, Miles Kurosky still would have had his health problems. So, all the hype in the world wouldn't have made a difference.

Here's the tracks from a Peel Session they did in 2000 in support of their great album When Your Heartstrings Break.

Beulah | Emma Blowgun's Last Stand (Peel Session)
Beulah | I Love John, She Loves Paul (Peel Session)
Beulah | Sunday Under Glass (Peel Session)
Beulah | Matter vs Space (Peel Session)
Beulah | Score From Augusta (Peel Session)
Beulah | Lay Low for the Letdown (Peel Session)

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viva beulah!