Friday, August 10, 2007

REMINDER: Kamikaze Hearts | Coming to Burlington | Aug 11

Someone asked me recently what remaining shows I’m excited about this summer. Well, the one I’m most excited about is The Kamikaze Hearts at Kriya Studio in Burlington on Saturday, August 11.

I never got around to posting a list of my favorite albums of 2006 but, if I had ever mustered up the energy to do it, The Kamikaze Hearts’ Oneida Road would have been in my top five albums of 2006. However, since then, I’d say I listen to Oneida Road more than any other album from 2006 including my top album of the year, Yo La Tengo’s I’m Not Afraid…

The album is packed with warm porch folk tunes that build in tension and release in hooks better than most folks songs. Plus, unlike most indie rock these days, the songs aren’t packed with urban-obsessed lyrics. They speak to northern living much more clearly than other bands out there today.

So, combine that love for Oneida Road with the fact I had a great time when I saw them last year at Langdon Street and you have a hot show. The show is the same night that we get back from vacation in Portland and I’ll probably be dragging after a week chasing the kids & driving 3+ hours home. However, I’ll be there. It’s worth it regardless of how I feel.

Lastly, if you need another incentive to hit the show, Farm will be also be on the bill. Such a good night of music.

Kamikaze Hearts No One Called You a Failure Buy
Kamikaze Hearts Ash Wednesday Buy
Kamikaze Hearts Boston Wailer

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William said...

This is sort of random, but did anyone else check out the Chuch show in Battery Park last night? Fantastic show and definitely a local fav.