Friday, August 03, 2007

What the Hell?

Tonight, my son and I were looking at his baseball cards when something creeped me out. All of a sudden, I noticed George Bush in the crowd behind Derek Jeter. I did a double-take and handed it to my wife to verify that I wasn't seeing things. Then I Googled "Derek Jeter George Bush" and learned what was going on.

Apparently, somebody in Topps creative department photoshoped Bush and Mickey Mantle into Derek Jeter's 2007 card. Topps discovered it before the packages shipped but decided to let the cards go. They said they'll correct it though for the printing that goes into the full sets. So, the card is only in the packages. On eBay, the card goes for about $7-$9 these days.

Here's the interesting thing, the guy who put Bush into the photo, cut off Bush's left arm from the elbow down. Is the guy making some sort of obvious statement about Bush always being on the political right? Or does he just think Yankee fans would chop off Bush's arm if he hung out at the stadium?


NDfrom NJ said...

I think that bush is just hiding his arm in the photo so that no one will steal his watch.

Flatlander said...

As always Nik, you manage to trump me. Well played.