Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bye Bye Scooter

Growing up watching Yankee games on WPIX meant spending a lot of time listening to Phil Rizzuto talk about anything but the baseball game at hand. He'd go on about Bill White stealing his jelly doughnut, the traffic on the GWB, his optometrist, goats mating or whatever passed through his head. And I loved it. I think he's part of the reason why I can't stand color analysts these days with their cavalcade of statistics and information. They don't allow the game to breath. Rizzuto knew it was a long season and there were other things to talk about.

Perhaps it's his influence that leads me to post about sports, gardening, pillow fights, etc. on a music blog.

And there was always his commercials for The Money Store.


Anonymous said...

We get spoiled here in 'Sconnie. Bob Uecker makes me crack up at least twice a broadcast.


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