Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Another CD Giveaway Contest

Before I left for vacation, a publicist for Fader magazine and Subaru offered me a chance to give away a copy of the new mix CD Fader/Subaru had put together to promote their WRX (some sort of a car). Well, I agreed to it because I had moments earlier been whacked with a $700 bill to have my Subaru Outback fixed shortly after having the warranty expire. So, I was going to write an angry post about "planned material failure" and how car companies suck. However, then I went on vacation and forgot to write the post. It also allowed me to calm down and realize that we're generally happy with our Subaru.

So, now it's just a giveaway. The track on the CD that caught my eye was a remix of Editors' "Camera". So, if you're an Editors fan, go ahead and throw your hat in the ring. The fifth person to send an email to false45th {at} gmail {dot} com asking for the disc will win it. Be sure to include your address in the email.

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