Friday, August 10, 2007

Back-to-Back and Belly-to-Belly

Mike Gaggioli pitched a whopper of a game tonight and the Mountaineers completed a two-game sweep of the Newport Gulls to win their second consecutive NECBL championship. Gaggioli had a no hitter through 6 and 2/3rd innings. However, at that moment, I sent a friend an email exclaiming my amazement at how well he was pitching and it jinxed Gaggioli. The next hitter singled. So, I blew it for him. However, he pulled it back together and completed the one-hitter, 12 strikeout performance to win the game 3-0.

We were only able to listen to the game on the radio but it sounds like it was a nice celebration on the field and I wouldn't be surprised if the Fay Vincent Cup made its rounds through town tonight. Towards the end of the broadcast, the announcer said that there would be a parade through Montpelier on Saturday to celebrate the victory. However, in classic Vermont lackadaisical fashion, he didn't mention what time the parade would start. Plus, while the Mountaineers' website has been updated with tonight's result, there isn't any mention of the parade. However, if you're interested in the parade, I'd check that site and the Times-Argus site. There's also a chance the town's website could have info on it too.

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