Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Pinker Tones

Anyone looking for a pair of sonically stylish DJs from Barcelona? If so, I've got just the guys for you. The Pinker Tones. Mister Furia and Professor Manso (yes, those are their chosen names as dopey as they are) combined a few years ago to start mixing tunes in the style of Beck with the eclectic use of disco, tropicalia, odd samples, lounge grooves and snappy jazz riffs. Last year, they released The Million Colour Revolution and if I could go back to last year, it would deserve to be on my year-end list of good albums.

Plus, for some odd reason, I dig the fact they're from Barcelona. I have this weird soccer/music fantasy of The Pinker Tones spinning tunes at Nou Camp while Ronaldinho, Thierry Henry and Messi play beautiful fĂștbol in front of 100,000 grooving fans. I know it's as dopey of an idea as their chosen names but let a guy dream, won't cha?

One other note, if you're loving The Million Colour Revolution, last week, they released an album of remixes called More Colours!. It's available on both emusic and iTunes. I've finally gotten around to buying it and am still wading through the 32 tracks. Like most albums of remixes, some good, some bleh.

The Pinker Tones | TMCR Grande Finale | Buy
The Pinker Tones | Love Tape | Buy

Their video for "TMCR Grand Finale":

Their video for "Sonido Total":


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Nothing like a great video to improve a song, even when it's already pretty darn good.

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