Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Band of Horses | Coming Aug 9 | Higher Ground

Band of Horses are coming to town this week and I'm psyched.

Band of Horses w/ Love as Laughter & The Breaking In - August 9 - Higher Ground - S Burlington

I caught their show last summer at the steamy Asheville, NC venue The Grey Eagle (as the photo above attests) and was blown away. Here's an excerpt of my review (full version here): The band tore through nearly every song on the latest disc, adding a few new tracks and even a cover of Hall & Oates' You Make My Dreams. I couldn't believe how much energy and presence they had on stage. It was raw and beautiful. Ben's voice is as pure and clear live as it is on the album (at least two dudes surrounding me were talking about how much they envied his vocal chords). It was the perfect rock show - just fun and rednecky of the southern variety (sort of a more approachable My Morning Jacket). The industrial fans did nothing to cool the sweaty patrons or performers. It was sweaty bliss. Pabst splashing all around.

The show is this month's Seven Days Hot Ticket and will be taking place in HG's small room, so expect a crowd.

Band of Horses - The Funeral.mp3
Band of Horses - Wicked Gil (live).mp3
Band of Horses - I Lost My Dingle on the Red Line (live).mp3

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