Friday, August 10, 2007

Farm | Coming to Burlington | August 11

So we've shared our love for The Kamikaze Hearts (with very good reason!), so now let's talk about the other band playing at 333 North Winooski Ave tomorrow night: Farm.

Kamikaze Hearts w/ Farm - August 11 - 7 pm - Kriya Studio - Burlington

Rock trio Farm, hailing from St Albans, VT, released an 18 track LP entitled Gray Birds about two months ago. It's been the soundtrack to my weekly law mowing all summer. My yard takes an hour and a half to get through, long enough to listen to the whole 75+ minute album once and a repeat of my two favorite tracks: Devil and 31. The album has a nice amount of variety (given the shared lead vocal duties and multi instrumental players), but it's the heavy blues based songs that speak to me the most. It's easy to dismiss it as stoner rock, but there's more depth to the songs then that. Horns and even a taste of delta blues. 31 is the only live song on the album, recorded at their Langdon Street performance from last summer. I was at that performance, so it may share special meaning to me, but I find Ben Maddox's guitar work throughout the second minute to be truly inspired. The boys have played a good number of shows since Gray Birds' release, so I expect them to be in top form.

Click here to read Casey's Seven Days review of Gray Birds ("spooky-ass Americana that’s unpretentiously rural yet musically sophisticated"), which can be purchased here.

Farm - Devil.mp3
Farm - 31.mp3
Farm - Spineless.mp3

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