Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wilco Update | UPDATE

Here's a few quick updates about Friday's much-anticipated Wilco show at Shelburne Museum.

Tickets: As of now, it appears there are still some left. However, it'll probably sell out. So, act now if you care to go.

Weather: It looks like the heat will break and Friday should be gorgeous for an outdoor show.

Traffic: Between the poor access roads, the typical rush hour traffic and concert goers, the traffic is going to suck. Leave early.

Food: Shelburne Museum doesn't allow alcohol or bottles but everything else is fair game.

Oxfam: Wilco is working with Oxfam to spread the word about the problems with the Farm Bill. Therefore, Oxfam will have a booth at the show with materials available explaining the issues surrounding the bill and what you can do about it. Wilco will probably also mention it during the show.

The problem with the Farm Bill is very well summed up in this article in the NYT by Michael Pollan called "You Are What You Grow". If you'd like to be a part of the Farm Bill Action Team for Oxfam in the future, there's some info on how to join here.

Post Show: Due to local noise restraints, the show should be ending on the early side of the evening. Therefore, to keep the night rolling, the folks at Monkey Bar in Winooski have put together a post-show concert.

On the bill will be Micah Blue Smaldone, Anna Pardenik and Dynasty (which I believe is another project from some folks in Nest Material). I saw Smaldone open for The Kamikaze Hearts last year and the guy has this great pre-war era feel to his earthy acoustic folk blues. It should be a good way to keep the party going.

UPDATE: In addition to the food info from Nick in the comments, another friend sent over this tidbit about the show down in Northampton:

The break after Low was VERy short at the Pines in Northampton; not even half an hour, I'm told. Seems the band is aware of curfew issues and want to play for a long time; even mentioned it on stage at the Pines.
So, if Low plays a 45 minute set, Wilco could be on by 7pm and done by 9:30 or so.

Wilco | (Don't Fear) the Reaper (Live)
Micah Blue Smaldone | Coal Black Crepe | Buy

Photo courtesy of fusaka


jds said...

Looks like this is going to be the social event of the year. I Feel like I'm going to a DMB show. Don't forget your South Carolina "Cocks" hat and tie-dye.

Bob F. said...

Thanks for the Oxfam shoutout! The people at our table will be local Burlington people, who'll be able to explain how the bill affects people both locally and globally.

kingdomforavoice said...

I can't wait. Do they have plenty of food and drink vendors? BTw When is the fourth of july parade?

Nick said...

there are vendors

Magic Hat for Beer
Ben and Jerrys for Ice Cream and Water

and for food
Ahli Babas Kabobs
Kevins Wicked Hot Dogs
Dance Kettle? Pop Corn
The Skinny Pancake

Flatlander said...

King, Montpelier's parade is on July 3rd at 6pm with fireworks at 9pm. Lots of festivities on the statehouse lawn between the parade and fireworks too.

jds, it's just going to be weird for me to be at a concert in the sunshine. Besides little local pocket park concerts, I can't remember the last time I was at an outdoor concert during daylight hours.

Nick, thanks for the food tip-in. I'm all over Ahli Babas.

Bob F. said...

I once saw Jesus & Mary Chain in the sunshine at a Lollapalooza date. They looked like big haired black dressed super-white aliens. It was totally weird.

Fresh Magic Hat at a concert? I know that's local stuff for you guys, but boy does that beat Bud Light only shows down here.