Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Gold Cup

I know this gets confusing for people who don't follow this crap regularly but there's another soccer tournament going on right now. It's called the Gold Cup and its the championship of North America, Central America and the Caribbean. However, due to the lack of quality national teams in this region, it's a tough tournament to get excited about until it gets down to the semifinals. That's why I've held off on posting about it until now.

Unlike the U-20 World Cup that I've been posting about, this tournament is for the full men's team and the US is one of the two favorites to win it (with Mexico). On Thursday, the US will play Canada, who has looked surprisingly good, in one semi while Mexico will face the tiny French territory of Guadeloupe in the other. Just the fact that Guadeloupe has made the semis should be an embarrassment to all the departed teams from the tournament. Hell, the place is only about the size of Oklahoma City in terms of area and population.

The US v Canada match will be on Fox Soccer Channel at 7pm EST on Thursday while the Mexico v Guadeloupe match will be on GolTV at 10pm EST. The finals will be on Sunday in Chicago at 3pm EST on Fox Soccer Channel. Hopefully, it'll be a US v Mexico final.

Also, here's a few amusing soccer-related articles:

Lastly, here's the Week 11 MLS Goals (courtesy of Climbing the Ladder):

And since we're just a few weeks from Beckham's arrival, here's Ali G interviewing Beckham and Posh Spice:

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Anonymous said...

Lalas is a freaking idiot.

I'll assume Canada's surprisingly good looks are a reference to its last game, rather than its loss to Guadeloupe (ahahaha) in pool play.

Other Gold Cup observations:

1) Dempsey looks like our next field general for the Cup in South Africa.

2) Our back line scares the crap out of me. When will Gooch use his brain?

3) The next thing Twellman does to impress me will be the first. I hope he's better in MLS because the guy is all thumbs on the national team.

4) Donovan has the most ridiculous penalty kick routine on the planet, but so long as he keeps making them....

5) Mexico, and Blanco in particular (see his red card against Honduras), are their usual punk bitch selves.