Sunday, June 17, 2007

Devendra Banhart | Coming to UVM | Sep 23

He's a hippie and a folkie. So, I should be annoyed by Devendra Banhart but I'm not. In fact, Cripple Crow was one of my favorite albums from 2005. The album has more to do with the chamber pop sounds of Sufjan Stevens than it does with the freak folk movement that Banhart is regularly linked to.

Well, while Banhart's website hasn't announced the show yet, Brooklyn Vegan posted his 2007 tour dates on Friday which includes a stop at UVM's Davis Center Grand Ballroom on Sep 23rd. I can't find any ticket info yet but once I do, I'll be sure to post it.

The Grand Ballroom looks like a cool space though. After so many months of driving by the construction of that building, it'll be nice to finally check out the interior.

Devendra Banhart | I Feel Like a Child | Buy
Devendra Banhart | Now That I Know | Buy


Bob said...

I think that dude is playing a big trick on hipsters. I cannot figure out what the big deal about him is.

But that's just me. I like the new Mandy Moore album.

Nico said...

Maybe because his first couple of records were so lo-fi, but I have a hard time identifying him with "chamber pop." I like some of his stuff and am kind of disappointed he isn't coming anywhere near here (not even to Atlanta.)

Flatlander said...

His first albums weren't in the chamber pop vein but Cripple Crow is pretty poppy with a wide range of instrumentation floating around behind his melodies.